A Useful Overview Of Major Elements For Bags

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We have teams running in parallel, teams to work on fixes and patches to the day-to-day problems, and others who are digging into the programming logic to resolve longer term issues. We're all working towards the day when our systems are fully integrated across channels, brands, and function. We will then be able to experience the power of NMG1 to transform our business at every level as we better manage inventory across channels, helping to increase full margin sell-through and reduce our overall inventory investment. And now I'd like to speak a little bit more in detail about factors impacting our overall performance. We continue to feel the effects of the oil and gas industry on our business, especially in Texas where we have a high concentration of stores. We also continue to see fewer international shoppers in our stores located in tourist destinations and gateway cities as a result of the continued strength of the US dollar versus other currencies, as events such as Brexit and the weakening British pound continue to impact the US dollar. Another factor impacting our sales is that the customer has changed the way they shop in several fundamental ways. One is driven by price transparency and the other is what we call buy now/wear now. Let me begin with price transparency.

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